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Roosevelt Investments works specifically with funeral service and cemetery professionals, business owners, and operators. We know your profession, and we know planning.

Our Financial Plans Seek to Help:

Grow your wealth over time in a risk-controlled manner

Generate retirement income & secure long-term cash flows

Minimize taxes & maximize efficiency

Structure & optimize the sale or exit of your business, if applicable

Prepare for unknowns, like rising healthcare costs

Make sure your wealth spans generations

We Can Build Your Financial Plan in 6 Steps:

1. Build Trust

1. Build Trust

Roosevelt Investments has 50 years of experience working with funeral service and cemetery professionals. We understand your business.

Building trust starts with getting to know you. Our advisors and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals want to know your story, your history in the funeral service profession, your interests, and your vision for the future. We will also take time to share our story and to answer any questions you have about us and our firm.

We strive to build long-term relationships with all our clients, and it starts with total transparency about what you need, and how we work.

2. Establish Your Financial Situation and Objectives

2. Establish Your Financial Situation and Objectives

The next step is to gather as much information about your financial situation and goals as possible. It is important to establish a clear picture of your assets, liabilities, cash flow/income needs, insurance coverage, investments, and tax strategies. The same applies for your funeral service or cemetery business. This discussion helps establish where you stand today.

The next part of this step is to discuss where you want to go. Whether your goals include selling your business, passing it along to heirs, paying for a grandchild’s college education, or simply establishing secure cash flows for the duration of your retirement, we will help you pursue your objectives.

We finish this step by discussing your comfort level when it comes to taking risks.

3. Determine the Areas of Focus for the Plan

3. Determine the Areas of Focus for the Plan

We will consider all aspects of your financial situation to determine what your plan needs to address. The graphic illustrates the many potential areas of focus. A financial plan may focus on just a few of these categories or perhaps all ten of them. It all depends on your specific financial situation and objectives. In our experience, no two clients are the same.

4. Analysis and Strategy Building

4. Analysis and Strategy Building

Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, Certified Exit Planner, and Chartered Financial Analyst® professionals will analyze your specific financial situation to determine optimal steps forward.

We utilize various financial planning tools to run simulations examining tax efficiency, business sale scenarios, cash flow scenarios, growth and volatility outcomes, insurance opportunities, estate planning strategies (if applicable), and more. We take time to consider myriad possibilities and solutions.

5. Formally Present the Financial Plan and Implement Recommendations

5. Formally Present the Financial Plan and Implement Recommendations

We build a financial plan document explaining our recommendations and the strategies we’ll use to pursue your long-term goals.

In many cases, Roosevelt serves as the financial planner/investment manager for your liquid assets, and we coordinate with your other advisors (CPA, estate and trust attorneys, insurance agents, etc.) to ensure all aspects of the plan are implemented. Of course, during this step we will also take as much time needed to explain our recommendations and answer any questions you have.

6. Monitoring the Financial Plan on an Ongoing Basis

6. Monitoring the Financial Plan on an Ongoing Basis

Establishing a financial plan is not a one-time event – it’s an ongoing process. Over time, your goals, needs, and financial situation may change, and the funeral service and cemetery profession may change, too. We may need to adjust your financial plan accordingly.

We strive to speak with our clients at least once a quarter and perform routine reviews on financial plans, to help ensure you remain on track to reach your long-term goals.

Secure Your Future With a Financial Plan.


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